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Alberto Barrero

Demo compuesta e interpretada por Alberto Barrero



Micrófonos - Shure SM57B y Beyerdinamic M160

Amplificador - Brunetti Singleman 15

Padal en tomas de overdrive VS Audio STRAIGHT FLUSH

Software de grabación PROTOOLS


Salva Ferrer


Leo Fender created the Broadcaster model in his beginnings as a guitar maker around 1950. For the bridge pickup, he was inspired by models used for his lapsteels. It was a powerful pickup, of about 10 kO and with a thick, defined sound. The bridge pickup has flat alnico V magnets, 43 AWG plain enamel copper wire, and a steel plate at the bottom. As for the neck, the pickup is encapsulated in a nickel silver brass free cover. Alnico V magnets and 43 AWG plain enamel copper wire. Both pickups are wound in the modern way with RW/RP, being in phase with humbucking effect in the middle position. The end of the manufacture is completed with "lamp black" black waxpotting, as Leo Fender made their first pickups.


Neck:     10,00 kΩ

Bridge:    8,00 kΩ


Opcions: No RW/RP - Magnet orientation - staggered - Alnico II - 5% or 10% underwound.

PVP: 150 Euros VAT included

Payment method by transfer ES23 3058 0990 2127 5464 4842

paypal increases 3.5% - 155,25 euros - The price does not include shipping outside of Spain

Demo composed and performed by Salva Ferrer



Microphones - Shure SM57 y AKG C2000B

Ampli - Fender Deluxe '65 original

Pitch - 432

Software REAPER- Compresion WAVES - Without equalization


Pablo de los Santos

Demo performed by Pablo de los Santos



-Fender Telecaster American Standard

Ultravox Ruano Amplification

1968 Overdrive Hidalgo Sound Boutique

Strymon OB.1, Timeline and Bigsky