Another classic Stratocaster tone is that of Stevie Ray Vaughan that although he really had 59 pickups in his nº 1 (like the vintage 57-62) , his sound has been associated to the overwound sets like the "Texas Specials" or my SRV, although that aggressiveness really was in his hands. The SRV set has significant changes compared to the other Vintage sets. It is based on the Vintage 68 but overwound, which will get a smooth, powerful and punchy blues sound. Its three pickups are wound with copper wire 42 AWG plain enamel, and are equipped with staggered Alnico V magnets and black Forbon coil for the upper and lower parts. With this set you can get a wide range of sounds, from slow blues to rock & roll tone with punch and character, always with the Strat characteristic color.


Neck:     6,90 kΩ

Middle:  7,10 kΩ

Bridge:  7,40 kΩ


Opcions: No RW/RP - Magnet orientation - flat -5% underwound or overwound

PVP: 200 Euros VAT included

Payment method by transfer ES23 3058 0990 2127 5464 4842

paypal increases 3.5% - 207 euros  - The price does not include shipping outside of Spain


How to order

Demo composed and performed by Salva Ferrer

guitar players

Enrique Diaz Berdonce



Alberto Barrero Juez



Guitar player - Salva Ferrer 

Microphones - Shure SM57 and AKG C2000B

Ampli - Fender Deluxe '65 original

Pedal - Ibanez tube screamer

Pitch - 432

Software  REAPER - WAVES Compresion- Without equalization