B&B pickups can make the combination of neck and middle simple pickups with bridge humbucker that you like. In these sets, the bridge humbucker pickup is made f-spaced (53 mm between poles) and short leg on the mounting plate to fit seamlessly into the hollow of your guitar, you will also have 4 wires and bare, so you can configure the humbucker as you like.
It's necessary to say that these sets forte  is the versatility,  you can have the classic strato sounds in neck, middle and combined positions 2 and 4 and change to hard rock chords or a powerful and clear solo with the bridge pickup, also with a good amlpi adjustment you can use with the singles a clean sound, and dirty sound only changing to the bridge pickups. Also say that the tone of the bridge pickups, will not be so open and it will be more mid and nasal than  the traditional bridge single pickups (classic tone of PAF's pickups).

   Most used sets:

   -SRV (Steve Ray Vaughan) neck and middle with Classic '61  hot bridge. 

Neck:     6,80 kΩ

Middle:  6,90 kΩ

Bridge:  8,70 kΩ

   -Vintage 57-62 or Vintage 68 neck and middle with Classic '61  bridge.

Neck:     5,80 kΩ

Middle:  5,90 kΩ

Bridge:  7,70 kΩ


Opcions: flat or staggered - 5% underwound or overwound - with bridge cover (unplated, chrome  and gold) or without bridge cover (black, white, parchment and aged white)

PVP: Humbucker withot cover           245,80 Euros VAT included

          Humbucker unplated                  255,80 Euros VAT included

          Humbucker chrome plated       260,80 Euros VAT included

          Humbucker gold plated             263,30 Euros VAT included

Payment method by transfer ES23 3058 0990 2127 5464 4842

paypal increases 3.5%  The price does not include shipping outside of Spain


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