How to order

Demo composed and performed by Salva Ferrer

Guitar player - Salva Ferrer 

Microphones - Shure SM57 and AKG C2000B

Ampli - Fender Deluxe '65 original

Pedal - Ibanez tube screamer

Pitch - 432

Software  REAPER - WAVES Compresion- Without equalization


We want to introduce here our personal version of the SRV, with a design 3mm thicker than the standard Stratocaster bobbins . This version is also different due to its winding, halfway between SRV and Vintage 68. Tall pickups have a sweet sound, strong character, and a clearer and better treble response, although they have less body than the SRV model. The installation of this set can force us to widen the pickup holes. They are wound with 42 AWG Plain enamel copper wire, have alnico V magnets and staggered black Forbon coil for the upper and lower parts. 


Neck:     6,20 kΩ

Middle:  6,40 kΩ

Bridge:  6,70 kΩ


Opcions: No RW/RP - Magnet orientation - flat - 5% underwound or overwound

PVP: 200 Euros VAT included

Payment method by transfer ES23 3058 0990 2127 5464 4842

paypal increases 3.5% - 207 euros  The price does not include shipping outside of Spain