How to order

"Vintage 68" pickups are a replica of those manufactured by Fender at the time when CBS bought the company from Leo Fender (around 1965). They are made of copper wire 42 AWG Plain enamel, staggered alnico V magnet and black Forbon coil for the top piece and gray for the lower one. This model produces a Hendrix-style tone, but with the central pickup wound in the modern way with RW/RP. Thus the pickups are in phase, with humbucking effect at positions 2 and 4. We also offer the set with the original features. If you're right-handed we can reverse the order of the magnets so that the configuration of the pickups is fully Hendrix-ish.


Neck:     5,80 kΩ

Middle:  5,85 kΩ

Bridge:  6,00 kΩ


Opcions: No RW/RP - Magnet orientation - flat -5% underwound or overwound

PVP: 200 Euros VAT included

Payment method by transfer ES23 3058 0990 2127 5464 4842

paypal increases 3.5% - 207 euros  - The price does not include shipping outside of Spain


Guitar player - Salva Ferrer

Microphones - Shure SM57 and AKG C2000B

Ampli - Marshall JCM 800 original

Effects - Marshall JCM 800 original Distortion

Wha wha - VOX

Pitch - 432

Software REAPER - WAVES Compresion - Without Equalization


Demo composed and performed by Salva Ferrer