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We make these pickups, to make it easy for people who want single p90s but have humbucker holes in their guitars. Our humbucker format p90s differ a little in construction from the originals but have his body and warm character, inside they carry alnico 5 magnets as default to emphasize the punch of the originals. Finally, it is a pickup whose classic resistance is around 8 kohms, but it is difficult to balance a set of 2 P-90s in a guitar with those specifications, so the set we have designed, changes these values ​​to an underwound neck pickup, which gives it clarity in this position  and a fairly overwound bridge pickup which gives it a "fat" character in the clean sound and push when the distortion is activated, although a custom winding can also be requested.

Their manufacture culminates with a quick wax bath, since it is prone to producing guitar feedback without it.

P-90 humbucker format

VAT Included |
All products are manufactured after the order and with the requested specifications
  • Neck:     7,30 kΩ approx. 

    Bridge:  8,50 kΩ approx. 

Full set price

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