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magnets and polARIty

with or without RW/RP-
mix with other brands pickups

RW/RP - reverse winding direction/reverse polarity

We make all our sets with RW/RP by default, to cancel noise in positions 2 and 4 as it is common in today's sets even with retro features, only very specific customers looking for real vintage pickup specs ask for the sets without RW/RP since the 5-position selectors did not appear until the mid-70s and the pickups were not combined with each other.

This modification consists of winding the middle pickup in strat sets, or one of the pickups in Telecaster or p90s sets, with the winding direction reversed with respect to the other pickups that make up the set (RW - reverse wound). The polarity of that pickup (RP - reverse polarity) is also changed.

The difference in sound and noise cancellation only affects positions 2 and 4, in positions 1 - 3 - 5 there is absolutely no difference in sound since the pickups sound alone without being combined.

If you are not sure about this, it is best to order the set with RW/RP as it is the standard today.

In terms of sound, I would say that the RW/RP has a slightly thinner sound (the typical Dire Straits sultans of swing) and the non-RW/RP, I would say that it is a sweeter sound, without canceling so many frequencies and they also do not cancel background noise in positions 2 and 4.

All the best

single pickup orders

There is no problem in ordering individual pickups, but if our pickup has combination options with other pickups on the guitar, we need to know a few things about the pickup that will be combined with ours, because if we don't know this, there could be problems. of phase between them when they sound together.


- Model (if possible)

- Pickup resistance (if possible)

- Polarity (see explanatory video "Magnets and polarity"). If the polarity is taken with a compass, it is better to send a photo to be sure that the polarity has been taken correctly.

- Photo showing the welding of the 2 wires (signal and ground) of the pickup, especially in Telecaster pickups (it is necessary to know the direction of the pickup winding, and to correctly connect the metal parts of our pickup to our coil start)

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