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Leo Fender created the Broadcaster model in his beginnings as a guitar maker around 1950. For the bridge pickup, he was inspired by models used for his lapsteels. It was a powerful pickup, of about 10 kO and with a thick, defined sound. The bridge pickup has flat alnico V magnets, 43 AWG plain enamel copper wire, and a steel plate at the bottom. As for the neck, the pickup is encapsulated in a nickel silver brass free cover. Alnico V magnets and 43 AWG plain enamel copper wire. Both pickups are wound in the modern way with RW/RP, being in phase with humbucking effect in the middle position. The end of the manufacture is completed with "lamp black" black waxpotting, as Leo Fender made their first pickups.


VAT Included |
All products are manufactured after the order and with the requested specifications
  • Neck:     8,10 kΩ approx.

    Bridge:  10,50 kΩ approx.

  • People registered as an intra-community operator who request it and purchases from countries outside the European community will have a VAT deduction on the retail price.

Full set price

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