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In 1960 the Fender Jazz Bass model was introduced as a luxury alternative to Precision Bass that only had one pickup. In its first decade it had 2 different models of pickups that are the ones that we offer in B & B pickups. In the early years the thread used was the Heavy formvar 42 AWG but with the purchase of Fender by CBS the pickups were changed it's thread with plain enamel 42 AWG. This latest model is the one that corresponds with ours CBS Jazz Bass. The magnets are alnico V type "flat". The two pickups are winded in the modern style with RW / RP, which are both in parallel and in phase with humbucking effect in the middle position. The end of the manufacture is completed with a wax's bath.

They are supplied only with black covers

CBS Jazzbass

VAT Included |
All products are manufactured after the order and with the requested specifications
  • Neck:     7,20 kΩ approx.

    Bridge:  8,10 kΩ approx.

  • People registered as an intra-community operator who request it and purchases from countries outside the European community will have a VAT deduction on the retail price.

Full set price

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