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This set wants to reproduce the Schecter F500T that Mark Knopfler made popular  on his "Schecter Tele". 
Knopfler used Schecter guitars between 1980 and 1987 aprox and played with his Tele model in the recording of "Walk of Life" and Live to always play the same theme, as well as the songs "Solid Rock" and "Telegraph Road"
The winding of these pickups is a tapped tele type and they have 2 windings,  the first is located in the internal part and is actived when push off the potenciometer, the second winding is activated  together with the first when push off the potenciometer to have the full winding.
The standard winding is with the neck pickup RW/RP.

F520T and F521T

VAT Included |
All products are manufactured after the order and with the requested specifications
  • Neck:     10,50 kΩ approx.

    Bridge:  14,20 kΩ approx.

  • People registered as an intra-community operator who request it and purchases from countries outside the European community will have a VAT deduction on the retail price (21%).

Full set price

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