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We could define this set of humbuckers as some vitaminized seventies PAF type, going to hot values that cannot be reached with PAFs, but still maintaining the classic character that is expected from humbuckers designed for rock and hard rock. While any humbucker called PAF must have plain enamel 42 AWG wire, these "hot rocking" wires change the wire to 43 AWG polynylon, maintaining the rest of the classic humbuckers characteristics and using alnico 5 as a magnet. It gives a plus in the attack and definition in the high frequencies. The others materials used are nickel silver cover and plate (brass free), keeper bar for the steel screws and maple wood spacer. Also, the output cable can be made of one wire with shielded push back wire, or of four wires and ground to have the split coil optionl.

Hot rocking

VAT Included |
All products are manufactured after the order and with the requested specifications
  • Neck:     8,00 kΩ approx. 

    Bridge:  10.20 kΩ approx. 

    Bridge f-spaced (52,8 mm): 10,5 approx.