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The year 57 changed the world of electric guitar with the appearance of humbucking pickups thanks to the ingenuity of Mr. Seth Lover who was working at Gibson at that time. This model tries to represent that first model of humbuckers that most manufacturers associate with the use of the alnico 2 magnet, although there is little evidence of this and it is said that in that first period from 56 to 61 Gibson used the degrees of alnico that had in stock. With the use of the alnico II, the frequency spectrum slightly cuts the mid frequencies, predominating the bass and treble and obtaining a defined sound that goes very well for jazz, rhythm & blues or funky styles, although this style of PAFs have also been used. by rock artists like Slash in hot versions.

The materials used for this set are: 42 AWG plain enamel copper wire, alnico II magnets, nickel silver cover and mounting plate (brass free), steel screw clamp bar, and maple wood shoehorn. As options, the winding can be between 7 and 9 kOhmns. Likewise, the output cable can be one-wire and covered with metal mesh, or four-wire and ground to be able to make a split coil.

Original 57

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All products are manufactured after the order and with the requested specifications
  • Neck:     7,10 kΩ approx. standard - 7,50 approx. hot

    Bridge:  7,90 kΩ approx. standard - 8,5 approx. hot

    Bridge f-spaced (52,8 mm): 8,1 approx. standard - 8,7 approx. hot

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