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Of all the reproduction pickups we make, the P-90 is the mother of all as it is the oldest. They were designed by Walt Fuller for Gibson in 1946 and were the brand's emblem from then until the appearance of humbuckers in 1957. Although for many years it was a little used pickup, today it is widely used for its great sound. They have the open sound of the "single coil" but with more body and better capturing the bass and mid-bass frequencie. On the other hand, it is one of the most versatile pickups, being able to play from jazz to metal. At B&B we manufacture the P-90s with the thread they used in the 50s, which was plain enamel 42 AWG, and with alnico 2 magnets as default, (you can request any other alnico 3-4-5 in the "Additional remarks" section. ). Finally, it is a pickup whose classic resistance is around 8 kohms, but it is difficult to balance a set of 2 P-90s in a guitar with those specifications, so the set we have designed, changes these values ​​to an underwound neck pickup, which gives it clarity in this position  and a fairly overwound bridge pickup which gives it a "fat" character in the clean sound and push when the distortion is activated, although a custom winding can also be requested.

Both the "Soap bar" model and the "Dog ear" are manufactured exactly the same and its manufacture culminates with a quick wax bath, since it is prone to producing guitar feedback without it.

P-90 Soap Bar

VAT Included |
All products are manufactured after the order and with the requested specifications
  • Neck:     7,20 kΩ approx. 

    Bridge:  9,10 kΩ approx. 

Full set price

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