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Fender Stratocaster guitar was introduced in 1954 as the second instrument of the company. Vintage 54 pickups are a replica of the model used back then. The three pickups embedded in those instruments had the same characteristics, with slight changes produced by the human factor inherent to hand-winding. The only changes we introduce in B&B in comparison to the original processes are:


  • Winding the middle pickup with RW/RP (reverse wound - reverse polarity) so the pickups are in phase, with humbucking effect ( 60 hzs noise cancelatión) at positions 2 and 4, keep in mind that the original switch had only 3 positions and pickups were not combined, they were selected each one separately. 

  • Overwinding bridge pickups for a better volume balance between the three pickups.


For this set, we use heavy formvar 42 AWG copper wire, Alnico II magnets and black Forbon coil for the upper and lower parts.

Vintage 54

VAT Included |
All products are manufactured after the order and with the requested specifications
  • Neck:     5,50 kΩ approx.

    Middle:  5,60 kΩ approx.

    Bridge:  5,90 kΩ approx.

  • People registered as an intra-community operator who request it and purchases from countries outside the European community will have a VAT deduction on the retail price.

Full set price

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